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Best Trailer Training in Hampshire

Learning to drive can be a daunting task, with specialised vehicles being even tougher. Whether you’re just starting to think about it, or it’s been on your mind for years, we can help make your driving dreams a reality. At CW Driver Training Ltd, our team of dedicated, talented and experienced instructors will put you immediately at ease, and work with you to help you pass your test with flying colours. We offer driving lessons on our flexible timetables, and we're committed to helping you find every step of learning this new skill a breeze. We're located in Southampton, and you can get in touch with us on 07854021753

Our know-how

With an outstanding knowledge of the local area, great training and a wealth of experience, our instructors can support you through each and every step of this exciting new adventure. We'll take things at your own pace, and design a programme of lessons especially for you. Whether you're looking to pass in a flash, or you'd rather take your time, we can guarantee you won't be disappointed in what we have to offer. We are registered with 4 DVSA test centres. Southampton, Newbury, Poole, Swindon, No matter where you live we got you covered

Quality Driving Instruction

Each and every one of our friendly instructors has been fully trained and offers excellent, consistent lessons tailored to your needs. We'll work with you to understand your objectives, and offer steady progress towards your goal. We can offer advice on the theory test, and share our years of experience with you with a friendly, relaxed approach. Even if you're nervous, give us a call today and our lovely team will put you at ease and help you understand the process – step by step.

Caravan Training

Want to buy a caravan ? Unsure if you will be able to reverse it. Just passed your test want a bigger trailer ? Let C W Driver Training Ltd take you through all you need to know from the law on towing to the weight you can pull to reversing onto your driveway. ALL AT YOUR LOCATION.

The Law on Towing requirements

Licence Requirements for Trailers. Being legally entitled to tow a trailer starts with having a car licence. In other words, you cannot even think about trailer towing unless you possess a valid Category B licence at a minimum. From there, licencing requirements for trailer towing depend on when you earned your car licence. Those requirements are as follows On or After 19 January 2013 – If you gained your licence within this time frame, you would need a Category B+E licence to tow a trailer. This licence will entitle you to tow trailers no heavier than 3,500 kg MAM, with a combined weight of both the trailer and tow vehicle not to exceed 7,500 kg. Anything heavier will require a category C1+E licence. Between 1 Jan 1997 and 19 Jan 2013 – If you earned your licence within this time frame, you would also need a Category B+E licence to tow a trailer. This licence will allow you to tow heavier trailers, such as caravans, but with some restrictions. For example, the unladen weight of a caravan may not exceed 85% of the weight of the tow vehicle. Before 1 January 1997 – If you obtained your car licence prior to this date, you automatically have an entitlement to tow trailers that fall within the modern B+E and C1+E entitlements. This includes heavier trailers and tow vehicles with weights of up to 8,250 kg. You may no longer qualify under this category if your car licence has been restricted in the past. You should know that all of the weights listed above are based on something known as 'maximum authorised mass' (MAM). This is defined as the total amount of weight encompassed by the vehicle and all of the cargo being carried. This means that an MAM of 3,500 kg for a trailer dictates that the trailer and all of its contents do not exceed 3,500 kg. Manufacturers routinely display weight limit information on their trailers.

Making The New Forest Safer

Look out for us on the roads in the New Forest and surrounding areas of Hampshire. We aim to make the New Forest area as safe as possible for the animals that roam and the residents that drive on the New Forest roads. We are a local company who are committed to supporting the local community and will be training our customers to be aware of the local hazards while we drive through the Forest as part of the training. We are committed to making towing a trailer of any kind easier and safer. Training is of a high standard and our trainer has many years of experience. You are guaranteed to have the same trainer and vehicle for each training section you have. The course timings can be adapted to suit your needs and own commitments when possible. Please contact us if you require further information or want to arrange a free assessment. We also provide a refresher course for those who hold the license but need training in their own vehicle and trailer/caravan/ horse box etc.

HorseBox Trailer Training.

Just passed your test, got a horsebox that’s a bit bigger then you thought?. Let C W Driver Training Ltd take your worries away. We can come to your location show you how to hitch and unhitch with the vehicle you normally use. Then we take you on a drive making sure you are happy towing your horsebox, after that we show you how to reverse at your storages place incorporating blind sided reversing. Book your two hour course now. If you require another visit from us not a problem just let us know. Need tuition on towing with you horsebox loaded with your pride and joy, again we come to your location. For further information content us now or leave a message below.

Armed Forces Covenant

C W Driver Training Ltd is part of the Governments Armed Forces Covenant scheme. Given discount to all serving members of the Army / Navy/ Airforce, and to all veterans of the 3 services and there families.

Companies bulk booking.

Do you own a company and you want your drivers to be able to tow ? CWDT offer discount to companies who book 2 or more employees onto a course. Do your employees need refreshers on reversing your company trailers ? Contact us now for more details.


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